Why Facials are my FAVOURITE!

Facials are my favourite! 

Here’s why… 

Facials are surprisingly relaxing & restorative. I can’t count how many times my clients have told me that they found a facial to be even more relaxing than a massage. Facials often aren’t only just about the face. My facial treatments also  include a hand & arm massage as well as a scalp & shoulder massage. 

Facials are also sensational! I love to include as many of the senses as possible while also including many different sensations such as warmth, coolness, light touch and deeper massage. 

I love to help and I love to educate. At the end of each facial treatment I will go over which products I worked with and which ones I would recommend for home use. I also love to help you find simple solutions to your skin concerns.

I find facials really interesting. I really enjoy customizing a treatment to suit what each client needs the most. 

These are some of the reasons why FACIALS ARE MY FAVOURITE!