Top 3 Self Care Habits for Fall

I have taken some time to decide what keeps me feeling my best during the autumn season and I have narrowed it down to my Top 3.

  1. Take your Vitamins daily 

In North America we have a Vitamin D deficiency season aka. Cold & Flu season. Most of us are deficient in Vitamin D especially during the colder & darker months. I personally take 8000IU’s of liquid Vitamin D, 22mg Zinc and 625mg Vitamin C daily.

Talk to your ND to find out what would be best suited for you. 

2. Get outside & go for a walk 

It is so important to breathe fresh air. Going for a walk is a great way to get your heart pumping and lungs breathing. We are so blessed here in Peterborough, ON with so many great parks and trails. Spending time in nature also helps you to ground your energy, clear your mind and boost your mood. 

3. Receive a Facial 

Autumn is a perfect time to refresh your skin, relax and let go of stress. You deserve some nurturing relaxation. Release those old dead skin cells and feel fresh.

I hope you have the most wonderful Autumn season! 🍂