Winter Blend 30ml


Winter Blend is a synergistic composite of essential oils based on a formula developed by the French physician, Dr. Jean Valnet. Dr. Valnet, a major in the French Army during WWII, became famous for his work with essential oils in the treatment of wounded and ill soldiers.
Winter Blend is his respiratory germ buster for sinusitis, influenza and bronchitis.

30ml bottle.


It consists of Eucalyptus glob., Thyme, Pine and Lavender oils.
There has also been added Tea Tree, known for its antiseptic properties.
ROOM DIFFUSION: Winter Blend may be diffused in the home or workplace during the cold months of the year to protect against and combat respiratory infections. Just add 5 drops in an essential oil diffuser or in just-boiled water. It’s gentle but effect vapours will permeate the room.
INHALATION: Winter Blend may also be used in inhalation by placing 10-15 drops in just-boiled water. This may be done 2-3 per day for a period of one week

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