Organic Peppermint Essential Oil


100% Pure Organic Peppermint Essential Oil is so refreshing for the senses. Peppermint oil helps to decongest and to digest (not just food, but thoughts and ideas too). Overall peppermint is cooling, stimulating and restorative while promoting clarity & alertness.

10ml Bottle


Affirmation: “I glide through life with balance and grace. My mind is completely clear. My focused intent aligns me with my highest purpose. I use past experiences as valuable lessons, which allows me to propel forward in life with ease. I breathe deeply knowing all is well.” Repeat this affirmation while inhaling the aroma of peppermint.

PRO TIP: When Peppermint is combined with lavender it helps to prevent colds and flu and can also help to relieve headaches or migraines. Combine together in a carrier oil and apply onto the skin or add a few drops of each into a aroma diffuser.

Certified: Pro-Cert & USDA Organic

Scientific Name:  Mentha Piperata

Country of Origin:  India

Synonyms:  Brandy Mint, Balm Mint

Plant Family:  Lamiaceae(Labiatae)

Plant Parts Used:  Herb/Leaves and flowering tops

Extraction Method:  Distillation

Physical Characteristics:  Pale yellow to green liquid

Dominant Note(s):  Top

Aroma: Strong piercing, sharp menthol fragrance

Main Constituents:  Menthol (29-48%), menthone (20-31%) menthol acetate, menthofuran, limonene, pulegone, cineol among others.

Blends With: Benzoin, Cedarwood, Cypress, Lavender, Mandarin, Marjoram, Niaouli, Pine and Rosemary

Safety Precautions:  non-toxic, non-irritant except in concentration, possible sensitization due to menthol.  Use in moderation.

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