A Sensory Journey

If you have ever experienced one of my facials or massage treatments you’ll know I begin each treatment with a ritual named 

“A Sensory Journey”. 

What is a sensory journey? 

A sensory journey is where you allow your sense of smell to guide you. I place out 2-3 aromatherapy oils for you to choose from. 

(I allow my intuition to pick out the oils for each individual client. I often already know ahead of time which oil you will choose because I’m so drawn to it.)

How does it work? 

The original idea behind this ritual is that “Your nose knows what your body needs”. I keep the oil labels facing away so that your preconceived notions about the oils cannot interfere with your selection. 

 Why begin with a sensory journey?

I find this ritual to be very grounding and allows you to begin the relaxation process. The touch of my hand to your forehead allows a sense of safety and calmness to wash over you. The moment to stop, sit, and breathe in deep, sends the signal to the mind and body that it is time to let go of stress and begin to relax. 

I believe the key to an excellent treatment is all in the details.